Friday, 27 November 2009

'The formal elements'

Exploring Space

Nothing exists without space. It can be two dimentional or three dimentional. Space can be the placement of objects that can give the illusion of space,and the overlapping of objects on the picture plane can also create space. The illusion of space can be created on a two dimentional surface or it can be physical, actual space. I have selected my painting from the holiday work inspired by Marlene Dumas to link with space as I think that then placing of the figures affects the mood of the piece and are also surrounded by empty space. I have created an illusion of space around the gathered figures by placing the figures close together in the centre and having a slight cast of shadow off the brides in an open space of blue-grey emptiness. The space gives the piece a whole new meaning and difference in emotion; the space around the figures make the brides look isolated, lost, empty and almost ghostly.

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