Friday, 13 November 2009

Exhibition Review, Frintal Landscapes

Frontal Landscapes
“Frontal paints the cinematic dreamworld, where images float by one on top of another, somewhere we all escape to.”
On Sunday 8th November 2009, I attended an exhibition called Frontal Landscapes in Brick Lane. There are many galleries and exhibitions in Bethnal Green and brick Lane and so I did not know what to particularly expect.
I decided to go to this exhibition after viewing some of the artist’s work. I thought it related well to hair as the artist used a lot of lines and streaky patterns in his works. Another reason to selecting the exhibition was because I liked the fact that his works did not relate to hair in a literal sense but more from my perspective and interpretation. The abstract and vigorous style of his work was also relevant to my project and theme as I have been taking inspiration from Anselm Kiefer so far, who is an artist expressing distress and horrors of past history through a rough, abstract and expressive way. The exhibition only featured the one artist; Frontal, and the theme of his works were abstract landscapes that were reflective of his emotions and experiences.
My initial reaction to the exhibition was bizarre, somewhat confusing and stunned. The ‘Motors Gallery’ was actually the artist’s flat above a garage. Frontal was hosting his own exhibition of three pieces of work in his small kitchen. The paintings were put up on the walls by sticky tape and the whole experience was incredibly surreal and awkward.
Although the experience was strange and slightly awkward, I had an extremely intimate showing and close connection to the works and felt very near to the heart of the work and also being able to hear the artist’s point of view in person made the exhibition incredibly raw and intimate. It definitely left a lasting impression on me and was an experience made memorable by the surreal feel of the surroundings and minimal work placed on the wall by the artist himself.
The piece that I chose to base my gallery sheet on is produced using acrylic on paper and is called Frontal Model. The main reason I chose this piece is because the composition of the stokes and lines looked the most appealing to me compared to the rest of his works. I also thought the colour scheme was well executed as they all complement each other and are also similar to the colours used to my other chosen artist image by Kiefer. I was almost instantly drawn to the piece as from the beginning it stood out the most. It was the largest out of all the pieces put up (60x84cm) and also the composition was incredibly pleasing to look at, almost harmonious yet the piece is incredibly destructive and has aggressive styled markings. I interpret the piece as having a strong connection to hair, however when I look at certain areas, it appears as many different things; the bottom right corner reminds me of a sea storm and the entire left section makes me think of the artist’s emotions and thoughts at the time he was producing the work. I knew that this piece was the right selection for my gallery sheet as all the qualities of it contributes and relates to my work and I am particularly drawn to the rough style against the soft colours.
The piece and the exhibition itself has given me inspiration and has also made an impression on me and as from now, I am considering more abstract forms of work which may be additionally focused on emotions. I am also considering the setting of how I will present my work and that perhaps I will construct my work in a small, awkward space making the viewers feel more intimate towards the work but also made to focus and think in a different perspective that may be affected by the surreal surrounding.

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  1. Brilliant! You write beautifully Hana. I'm glad you got something out of this experience. JM