Monday, 16 November 2009

'The formal elements'

Exploring Line

Line is much more than what it simply is. It is also a vision and a feeling. Line consists of marks that can be drawn, or it can be the external edge of a form or shape. Lines occur in many places whether they are intended or not.In paintings, lines appear through contrast of lights and darks or through colours and shapes. Lines are one of the artist's most articulate tools as it allows the artist to liberate or enclose space, conveys movement, expresses feeling and emotion, suggests mass or volume and creates an image.
I have decided to use one of my artists that I attended an exhibition at; Frontal. I chose Frontal as he particularly explores lines in his works through the brush strokes that he creates on paper and all of his works are based around lines. The abstract pieces made of lines each create individual moods and emotiond through the different use of composition within the lines.

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  1. Explain how he uses line to get this effect though - and what types of 'individual moods and emotions' are explored here? Expand a little. JM