Friday, 27 November 2009

'The formal elements'

Exploring Texture

Texture can be both emotional and physical; emotional - creating the illusion of texture, physical - actual texture on surface, rough, smooth etc. Texture gives a piece body, detail, and surface.In two-dimensional artworks, the artist may produce a smooth or a rough surface through the application of the medium. I have chosen these two pieces of artwork by Anselm Kiefer as he uses materials on canvas to create physical texture and also the illusion of texture through the application of paint. I was interested in looking at an artist who uses both techniques to create texture. To create physical texture. Kiefer has used hay, straw and threaded materials. The rough application of paint indicates a rough surface. The texture can completely affect the emotion of a piece; in this case, the rough use of paint and materials keeps to his consistant theme of work, destructive, depressive, disturbing and emotional.

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  1. great... will you consider using these aspects / some form of similar-type texture in your own work do you think? JM