Tuesday, 19 April 2011


As part of my development process I have looked at various artists and collected images that are releavent to my project in order to gain inspiration and more ideas towards a final piece. I have also consistently made artist responses so that I can take the influence and make it into my own work.
I have worked into various photocopies of my ink compositions by looking at artist images as well as referring back to my work throughout my project.
My ink studies are a combination of my drawings made throughout my project so that my final piece will be a worthy representative of my whole project.
Here is another mix media thumbnail using a combination of drawing, painting and collage.
Here is one of my development thumbnails where I have created a collage as a basis using a found image and one of my ink composition photocopies. I have then worked into the collage using watered down acrylics; colours inspired by an artist image by Jean Michel Basquiat.

appropriation, colour studies

I have created two colour studies; one each from my two set of photographs. In both my colour studies I have explored using thin washes of acrylic paint and practicing the technique of building layer upon layer in order to create a painting that has depth in colour and plenty of tonal contrast.
Here is my double page on appropriation where I have looked at an essay and also found my own images of appropriated art. I have also written my own response on what I have found and learnt about appropriation.


Here are some of my drawings where I have explored a wide range of techniques and medias. Although I produced one academic drawing that is detailed and precise, I have experimented with using looser marks and focusing on other techniques rather than precision. I particularly enjoyed creating the ink drawing as I was put out of my comfort zone and in result, discovered a new style of drawing that is much more loose in style in comparison to my usual drawings.

First set of photos

Here are some of my photos from the British Museum which will build up my project as a source to work from. As I am looking at animals, I wanted to look at variations of sculptures which are diverse in range. Although I struggled with lighting and glass case reflections at times when photographic sculptures, I have managed to get photos that are in focus and they will be a starting point as a first set of photos.

Gallery visit

For one of my gallery pages I visited the British Museum where I created a series of sketches, took my first set of photos and was able to gain great inspiration for the start of my project. All my sketch responses are pencil drawings which have then been worked into with ink to create darker, bolder line and also on a brush to create soft shadows and shading.

Life Drawings

After deciding that I will look at animals for my project and visiting the Wallace collection, I have created two life drawings of my guinea pig in response using a waterbased felt pen and using a wet brush to work into the outline to create shading.

Asociative writing

For my associative writing exercise I used 5 images to work in photoshop to add text on top. All of my images were inspierd by artist images such as Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger. I also created artist responses using collage and also taking a photo to develop ideas further.