Monday, 16 November 2009

'The formal elements'

Exploring Colour
Colour is the most emotional element of art as it directly affects the emotions of the audience; which determins the mood, thought and actions. In previous centuries colour was termed the sensual part of art because it attacked emotions directly and had no boundaries or rules. For most artists, colour is usually the light reflected from a surface however, it may be generated from an electric source, white light (sunlight) or even fire to get a dynamic effect of lights and darks.

I have chosen this particular image 'Jule die Vrou' by Marlene Dumas which i used earlier in my work that also related to my holiday homework. i think that this particular painting uses an intetresting form of colour as it definately shows that the colour has either been egsaggerated of the reflective colours of the face or the red has simply been used in the way to create a moof and emotion of the painting. i personally think that the use of rich red gives the portraid a seductive, feminine, provocative, and a sinful feel. the eyes and lips being the main feature also exentuates these aspects and moods of the painting.

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  1. I agreee - how does the use of colour do this? Explain her colour choice and its impact in more detail(flashes of orange, undercoat, white highlights... bright eyes)JM