Tuesday, 19 April 2011


As part of my development process I have looked at various artists and collected images that are releavent to my project in order to gain inspiration and more ideas towards a final piece. I have also consistently made artist responses so that I can take the influence and make it into my own work.
I have worked into various photocopies of my ink compositions by looking at artist images as well as referring back to my work throughout my project.
My ink studies are a combination of my drawings made throughout my project so that my final piece will be a worthy representative of my whole project.
Here is another mix media thumbnail using a combination of drawing, painting and collage.
Here is one of my development thumbnails where I have created a collage as a basis using a found image and one of my ink composition photocopies. I have then worked into the collage using watered down acrylics; colours inspired by an artist image by Jean Michel Basquiat.

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