Tuesday, 19 April 2011


The first mockett I made was created by sticking pieces of cartridge paper together to form a simple book which I then drew in an illustrated story that does not use any text. I used a fine liner pen to create the simple illustrations and created a basic picture book.

My second mockett book is made by stitching pieces of cartridge paper together. Although I kept to the same drawing style as my first book, I developed the idea by adding colour as well as minimal text to outline a short story.
For my third mockett, I created a mini pop-up book of Fred acting out a series of expressions. Instead of writing a story, I simply added titles that explained what Fred was doing. I kept this mockett monochrome as I was solely focusing on the pop-up element of creating the book.

I believe that combining all the ideas from my mocketts and making a story book for my final piece would be a strong representative of all the work I have produced as it is playful and transforms simple drawing into art.

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