Friday, 9 October 2009

A new start...

As part of holiday homework, we were told to do a small study on a chosen artist which would then be the starting point of our project. i chose to do Marlene Dumas as i like her use of delicate colours combined with her vigorous brush strokes. this was the original image that i based my work on as i particularly liked this painting.the painting is called Rymans Brides and what i like best is the style of work but i also find it interesting that every bride has a blurred face wich is mysterious and gives them no identity. the viewer of the piece will not know who these people are, what expressions are on their face?, it is clearly a wedding but why are there so many brides? are they happy? i like the fact that the audience is exposed to a work of art that is mysterious and leaves us wondering, questioning.
Here is my painting (holiday work) based on Marlene Dumas, Rymans Brides

we then went on to making a still life combined with loose drawings contributed from everyone which was then made into a hanging still life. we took photo's of the still life and focused on a theme. my theme was hair and i took photos of entangled areas, areas with string and anything which i thought related to hair.

i then went around taking my own photo's of people's hair which we have now started doing drawings from.

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  1. Amazing! Beautiful drawings Hana and superb holiday work - your Dumas work is especially lovely, well done. JM